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Turismo cultural IFL


through the eyes of the Portuguese Group of the INTERNATIONAL FRIENDSHIP LEAGUE

This is a view of ALCOCHETE, PORTUGAL for your holidays in Friendship.

The IFL Head Office is situated in the town of Alcochete, in a very attractive place of Portugal with Lisbon in front of you.

If you wish to discover the country of the discoveries...

If you wish to observe a different culture in a hot, delicious slope of Europe...

Glimmer that which the modern civilization has not yet destroyed...

Know the spots from where men set off for the discovery of the world...

Come to Portugal For your Holidays!

WHAT WE ARE The International Friendship League is a voluntary non profit organization devoted to Friendship promotion. Founded in 1931 in Britain, it affiliated to Unesco in 1948 and was represented at the United Nations.

WHAT WE OFFER The Portuguese Group of the International Friendship League is opening its doors to foreigners with a special holiday program for those who are willing to discover the roots of this wonderful country and its natural beauty so often overlooked by the “normal tourist”.

THE AGE GROUP OF THE PARTICIPANTS The IFL holiday programme was formed with the idea of bringing more people of all ages together, irrespective of race, colour, religion or polital outlook. There are many organizations that arrange holiday programmes for the young people, but very few for the older ones, and so we are delighted that people of all ages are using our service.

WHAT WE CHARGE There is no profit involved. The programme is carried out by volunteers, and the charge will be at cost price only.

OUR AIM We think that it is by meeting together with people of different nationalities that each one feels he/she will become a citizen of a wider world, which is so important for promoting international friendship.

A HOLIDAY IN PORTUGAL Come to Portugal for your holidays no matter the season of the year to meet real friends who will act as your guides to places of historical and cultural interests and to involve you into typical local events which are normally closed to tourists. You will have no problem in communicating with the Portuguese IFL members as most of them speak your own language.

BUT THERE ARE MORE... Many international organizatioms contact us to hosting their international seminars/events/congresses for economical reasons, as we are in a position of providing lodging and board at very low rates as compared to other countries.

So the question is: Why not choose us as your venue?

There is quite a lot we can do to make your plans a sucess.

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